Local Harmonica Instructor

I find it sad that I live an hour away from St. Louis and I am having a hard time finding a harmonica teacher. Honestly I haven’t even found another person that plays the harmonica in my area. Does anyone know some one in the St. Louis area that teaches diatonic harmonica. I just want some one I can go to occasionally to make sure I am sounding right. I’m not that musical by nature so I’d just like some one that can tell me if I am getting my notes right.

Hi Gregmatic, Wish I could help your story sounds like mine.
No one around me that I know of in Connecticut that plays or teaches.

But what helps me out a lot, and you might consider doing this, is when
you learn something new like a tune or something. Record yourself there’s
free software on the internet you can download on your computer
to help.

Then you can save it listen to it yourself or even better yet
post it up here as long as you don’t mind Constructive critiscism.

Start with simple tunes then work your way up in time to more advanced
tunes or riffs.
I do that all the time.

Just a hint I always add a touch of reverb makes a big difference to the sound.
I think if You use Audacity.com you can record then add the reverb for effect.

If you need help let me know…especially with audacity. I actually use mixcraft (kind of
like garage band by apple) except this is for windows. You have to buy that. But i think you
can download a free trial period.

Harp On!!

Howdy Gregmatic!

Don’t know which side of the Gateway City you live on…

On a layover waiting for a dispatch, I actually took my cabover bobtail to the national Archway park. Wanted a tour, but security guard said it just closed for the night.

As there were still many tourists milling about even after midnight, asked if I could then just take a walk and look-see around, she said: “Be our guest, driver! And have a save trip wherever you go!”

So I always remember that time on my crossing the grand Missouri ever since.

Oh, yeah, about you now - hehe! Here you go, hope it helps bunches!

Keep us posted, eh?

Keep on harpin’!





Not sure if these will help you or not… but it may for someone else 8)


This is the site where I found an instructor here in NorCal:

Yo Gregomatic!

Hope you have luck finding some harp groups to hang out with over in the Gateway.

And if per chance you do score a teacher, well here’s some tips on maybe keeping him/her.

I dig the Night Train James, and NTJ can also be…well take a look-see and decide for yourself! Laters…

Christelle screwed me.

Christelle screwed me 2.

Is he upset about something ;D


I can picture that verbal confrontation,
and it wouldn’t be pretty…

Harp on!![flash=200,200][/flash]

Howdy Fellow Harpsters & Harpsterettes!

Okay - NTJ’s vids were in response to this Christelle (Ma Belle) vid:

Diatonic Harmonica Lessons


Anwser to Nighttrainjames

He shure sounds pissed in the first vid ::slight_smile:

she’s one fine lookin’ teacher… :wink:

My Q is: Is ‘Puma’ French for “Cougar”?

just wondering… ::slight_smile:

Did she say he is a disabled person?

I don’t know anything about her or NTJ, but after viewing both the videos I think it is sad because it is obvious that they don’t understand what the other’s problem is. Whether he is not communicating it well or she is not understanding it, or if it is just a language barrier thing I couldn’t say, but it is sad none the less.

Oh yeah, G…

had to watch it a couple of times.

at 0:42 she says something like this is a vet and disabled person.

which he is. but according to NTJ, he contacted her to just talk shop (sent her clips and tributes, etc.); she just wanted to teach because that’s what she does.

yeah, definitely a big language barrier there…

but hey, G, it’s just human nature to rubber neck accidents and view train wrecks, isn’t it? :o

by the grace of God, there go we and all that jazz too!