Looking for a new harp...

Well, my Special 20 went to harp heaven this morning! ;D

I was looking to get a new one anyway. G or A?

I was also thinking of getting a Hohner Blues Harp, but I found a set of Hohner Blues Band harps (seven + case) for around $40 on Amazon, though I saw the same thing on sale at a local music shop for $50.

Is the Blues Band a decent harp? I want a Blues Harp, but for the price and to keep me practicing right now, the other is a pretty good deal. I was looking at trying different types of harps now that I know the basics and am trying to ‘expand’ my harp repertoire, as it were.


Dollar for dollar the Special 20 is in my opinion the finest harmonica in the Hohner line. The Blues Band is a very cheap Chinese made harmonica (yes a Chinese Hohner) basically junk, the Blues Harp (made in Germany) is now part of the Hohner MS series and in my opinion an inferior model compared to the Spec 20 or basic Marine Band. The Blues Harp boasts thinner a reed to facilitate easier bending. To my ear, all that is facilitated is a thin tone.
i know it seems very attractive to have a set of harmonicas in a groovy case, but the groovy case is the only part of the Blues Band bargain that is worth having. I had a student buy a set of the Blues Band harps, with twenty years experience at repairing and cutomizing harmonicas, because of the very weak materials, my efforts at optimizing the capabilities of these harmonicas was futile.
My advice, buy another Spec 20, and work on your technique. For the amount of money you indicate you want to spend the Spec 20 is your best investment, period.

Yeah, I decided against the Blues Bands for pretty much the reasons you stated. I did go out and get myself a Blues Harp.

We’ll see how it goes. 8)