Looking for a web site

I am looking for a web site was there once and I forgot the name of it :-\

I’ll try and describe it.

Say you had the tab for a song and you put it in, Then you would go up on top of the page
and bring it down a semitone or up a semitone and it would automatically update the tab.

Hopefully someone knows what I am talking about.

Harp On!!

Hoi Joe,

Do you mean the Seydel Tab Tool. You find it on:

Have Fun. John

The other site that might fit your parameters is this one:


Although don’t ask me how it works, as I haven’t used it yet.

Hope it helps!

Rock on, yo!!

Mwuahahaha!! Yeah!!!

On this site you could drag your mouse across the holes and they would play the notes.

I know I saw it the other day and I was amazed at all the different tabs for
amazing grace as you changed the semitones. Of course a lot of the tabs
included overblows and overdraws but there was enough different versions that could be played
by regular people.

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harmopoint.com maybe?

No thats not it thanks for trying though

I remember I had amazing grace tabbed out in it and I was amazed by how many different tabs there was for it.

Just bring up a tone or down a semintone and it would update the tab for you.

oh well I ll find it again someday.

harp on!!

Hey Joe

maybe if you get back to it you could post it here?

Is it not in your browser history? in most browsers usually. Unless you either don’t save it or clear it down regularly. It’s where bookmarks come in really handy - saved my bacon no end of times.

It was probably over a month or 2 ago.

Long gone.

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