looking for a youtube

I saw a youtube a while back, can’t find it now. It was a guy playing a harmonica like a one man band…it wasn’t adam gussow…he was fantastic …he played of course the harmonica around his neck and accoustic guitar some kind of drum…and unique to the video I remember
there was this long tube thing that looked like some kind of horn.

So if anyone remembers this youtube please post it or PM it to me.

Harp On!!

Hi Joe,

I am not sure if this is who you are referring to but we have a “one man band” guy here in oz called Juzzie Smith. He plays the harp, guitar and also the didgeridoo. Check him out on YouTube as he has a number of videos. I am trying to think back but I if I remember right you commented about his microphone he has attached to the harp. Maybe not, anyway have a look at this guy.

[center]You Are the Man Thank You very much that’s it… yippee…cool… this forum rocks…

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Harp On![/center]!