Looking for my first case

I got a couple of harps for Christmas and have about 10 off the top of my head (and probably not slowing down anytime soon). Which case do you recommend and why? I have a couple of Amazon gift cards to work with.


Hey @DukeSilver,

I tend to be a DIY type of guy, so my suggestion may not help you spend your gift on a case, but instead use it for something else instead :wink:

I have a total of seven harps now, each of them a little different :point_down:

From lowest to highest tuning, they are:

  • Conjurer in G
  • Hohner Rocket in Ab
  • Easttop in Bb
  • Baby Fat in Bb
  • Lee Oskar in A
  • Golden Melody in C
  • Special 20 in Db

Along with my handy tool screwdriver with various bits and a polishing cloth they all fit in this old camera case that I had lying around :point_down:

I put a nickel i found in the mesh pouch for good luck :four_leaf_clover:.

While my DIY doesn’t fully protect the harps from bumping up against each other, it does make it very easy to carry them around.

Since they are different it makes it easy for me to grab a particular harp, and with them I can play most of the most common keys I use by using the first 4 positions, for a combo of Major and Minor keys.

Maybe you have an old camera bag or other type of bag laying around which can be used? :thinking:


I have one for gigs (an array of 19 plus mic, reverb pedal, and one chromatic); another for jam sessions (less harps and not bringing a mic).

For my first 40 years I just used an old shaving kit - not too efficient when you’re trying to locate a key on a dark stage, but cost me nothing. Lots of manufactures, price points, and variations today. I’d recommend cheap and easy unless you’re doing some serious playing.

This was custom made by a very nice Michigan blues harp player, Hal Iwan.

This was a gift. I don’t play Lee Oscar’s.


got this from amazon £20 just starting to sort it out

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Thanks for the ideas. I’ll look around and see if I have a bag or case that might work. This is also one that I’m looking at online since I have two amazon cards. This would give me some growing room as well as some to put a few other things in there. Other opinions and thoughts are appreciated as well.


Hello @DukeSilver,
First of all, all the best for 2024.
I also use the Hohner Flex case in size M twice and am very satisfied with it. It is space-saving, clear and has good ventilation. It is well suited if you use harps without their own case.
I find the size L quite expensive and not as good. You can also switch to cheaper bags for laptops, PlayStation or similar. This type is well suited for the harps that are offered in their own case.

Best Regards from Astrid :woman_in_lotus_position:

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Thanks for the well wishes and feedback. I’m also wondering if the large might be overkill and just getting the two mediums and sticking them back to back. Then if I get to the point where I gig and need more, I could go that route.


Way overkill, but I ended up saving up for the Hohner Flex XL. A little bit of a desire to keep my harps neatly organized together with a mic and cable plus considering my ever growing collection of harps :open_mouth: (for each key I buy a Special 20 and a Marine Band 1896 – my two favorites right now) led me to the XL. I could definitely make due with something else, but I won’t be looking for a replacement anytime soon so it was worth saving up for to me.



Hey @DukeSilver - Dang it sorry for the long delay my friend. Have you already pulled the trigger on one? FYI some people complain about the Neoprene smell/taste of the mediums. I recommend the Large. I own the XL and love it.

More here:


Thanks for the reply. I got the medium and large. I’ve enjoyed both and maybe I got lucky, but I don’t smell/taste the neoprene. The XL seemed (hopefully) is overkill for a while.


Great to hear @DukeSilver thanks for sharing this!