Low Keys

Has anyone tried these harps?

I just ordered a SP20 in Low E and a Marine Band Deluxe in low F. I figuered it was time to try these hohners which you can’t get over here. If they are good, I’ll get a third one in low D as well.

I suspect that the low keys are great for chugging, am I right?

I’m still waiting for my Turbo Harp in Low F. :-[

Will let you know when I get it! :slight_smile:

Anybody else here like to go down low? :wink:

Keep On Harpin’!

The Seydel Blues Session low F that I have is the one that blue out hole 7. Seems that on alot of harps of all brands, 7 is the hole that gives up the most. I have to learn to not blow or draw as hard while playing the lower harps. Any way, I have a Seydel Silver in low D that is sweet. But, it requires alot more volume of air to play. Not more pressure. You have to learn to open your throat more for the lower notes to be clean and not nasally. Which is guite a challange.

SPD, how are those Turbo harps? Got a sound bite?

Hi Tyson,

Click on this link and I believe it’s reply #12 down the page some. You can hear him play a Low E ;D


Joe, I don’t think that was SPD. He says he doesn’t do pictures, HA!!!
But, it did sound pretty good, I’ll be able to do that some day. :-[

Yeppers, Ty-bro!

I don’t do pics, just logos! 8)

So that was Steve Harvell on the Low E. Here he is again on the Low F, still wearing his 29th customer tee shirt:

Boogie on a Low F Hardwood Harmonica “Low F-ing”

And some other player tune samples on other Low F harps. All sound good. Keep On Harpin’!

Robert Johnson tune on Low F Delta Frost

Impro on a Low F HArmonica, 3 blow raised a whole step

I’m really looking forward to getting them now! I bought them from Theharmonicacompany.com

Does anyone have experience with them? I got the link from Adam Gussows site, so I suppose they are trustworthy, but they haven’t confirmed my order yet, which is a little suspicous.

Yo, Kat!

Their website looks pretty cool:


Almost like the Musicians Friend of the UK!

Since there are members here on your side of the pond, nearer your neck of the woods, I’m sure somebody will be able to help you on this! :wink:

I like the low keys mostly for playing minors. For an Em I sometimes use my Lo-D harp. Since I play mostly in the middle register it doesn’t come out too high. It has that low bluesy sound.

I’ve been planning to buy a Low D harmonica. I was thinking about getting a Special 20 Low D, but JP warned me that they have a tendency to buzz. The reeds are long on a low harmonica, and they hit the coverplates when you blow or draw on the low holes (1,2, 3).

Lee Oskar uses deeper coverplates on low harmonicas, so they should be okay. I don’t know about Seydel, but I guess they’ll be fine.

Whiskat: Did you get your harmonicas yet? How are they?

The status still says that they aren’t shipped, and I’ve sent them four emails which they haven’t answered, so I’m starting to get a little pissed off now.

I like low F…especially in the first position not bad in the others, but i really like the variety of blow bends and they aren’t so shrill on a low f harp.

I got the MB Deluxe in low F now. It seems to be very good! I’ll have to break it in first before I can start playing it seriously, but it seems promising!

I have no complaints about the MB Deluxe yet. It’s a really responsive and easy-to-play harp. I favour this one above the Suzuki harps now.

I got the SP20 in Low E today. I think I will get more of these harps. It’s fairly good to play, and extremely good considering the price.

Here is an audio clip where I test it out:

E low.mp3 - 1.10MB

I actually like these Low keys so much that I think I will start playing from Low D to C instead of G to F. I’ve never liked the higher keys, and now I have no reason to continue using them.

Howdy Kat!

Just listend to your clip! Thought I had to download something, but no - It came out fine! And yeah, man, sounds great! Just like I do on my Low F Turboharp! :slight_smile:

Since I really like this modified Spec20, I’ve been contemplating about those lower keys myself; and have something in the works now for the very reasons you mention! :wink:

Wow! Like I always say: Great minds think like me! ::slight_smile:

But yeah, cool beans! It’s all good! :smiley:

Keep on jammin’!

Wow love that sound Whiskat real nice playing.

Harp On!!