maintaining healthy harmonicas? bending high notes?

Hi harmonica friends…

I have a bunch of harmonicas.
And I cant seem to maintain them well.
Notes become stuck or silent after some time.
Is this from over blowing or over bending?
How do you keep all the holes in your harmonicas easy to blow.
Also I want to learn to bend notes in the high end, holes 8,9,10.
Is there a trick to this?
Or is it just practice?

Howdy Mr. Zang!

Asking a lot of good questions there for sure!

From myself, it may require a little bit of reed adjustments i.e. opening up your harps, regapping, etc.

The various techniques and discussions on them are posted throughout the topics here.

Which then also begs as how well you’re doing/hitting your single notes overall.

For this you can read about that here:!-(a-whistle-goes-a-long-way!)/

Hope this helps you in some way.

Please keep us posted!

Keep on smiling!

Keep on harpin’!

Hey Mr. Zang,

Bending high notes is the same essential idea as bending low notes. The difference for me is that for bending high notes is closer to the front of the mouth and my mouth position is a tiny wheeny bit tighter…

Regarding harmonica maintenance. 1. Get a Special 20. 2. Check out this blog post and make sure you’re not clogging the harmonica holes without knowing it.

Go here:

I hope this helps

JP Allen