Manish Boyish Typish Riff

I know there are a couple of rough spots in it, but does this sound at all appealing?

That was clean and clear, good recording. It had me open it in Audacity. Is that what you used to record, if it is how you do that? I can get backings etc. on there change pich, tempo and all, but haven’t figured out how to record. Ummm?

My webcam has a microphone in it. I plugged it in turned on Audacity, and hit the red record button and it picked it right up. I had to turn down the volume on the mic in audacity and face 90 degrees away from the mic or it would distort in a very bad way. I guess puny little webcam mics aren’t meant for catching harp music.

The file is an mp3 so whatever your default mp3 player is should have picked it up if it wouldn’t play in your browser.

I thought I left a comment already on that Greg can’t find it there ;D

I thought that was great you did a nice job. Mine played straight up in my browser :smiley:

I like the chords mixed in with the single notes.

I learned it all single notes

Here’s my version all though I like yours much better.

I added some reverb for effect.

I don’t know…honestly…I actually felt more from yours JF!

I play this riff a lot; and like to jump off from it a lot too.

I figured G-man was doing that as well. However, for whatever reason, didn’t quite push off as good as he could’ve/might’ve; hence your straight version came out on top for me.

But that’s only my offering here.


Keep on jammin’!

I just liked his chords he mixed in. I think if he added the reverb it would have really went over the top.

I always add some reverb. Wouldn’t want to put my music out there without it’s makeup on :o

Thanks though appreciate it ;D

Harp on!!

JF: Thanks for the compliments. I like yours a lot too. I also heard your Red Wing video and that was great. I never heard that song before, but you made me want to learn it. I’ve only been at this for 6 months, and I usually practice about 30 minutes five days a week. At this stage in the game, I am grateful to get positive comments at all. I don’t think most of the people around me are much into harmonica playing, but I definitely am. Tonight I was all by myself and I kept playing for about 3 hours (hunger finally made me stop). I got in 2 weeks worth of practice tonight :wink:

SPD: I do love this riff because there are so many variations. That did make it kinda of hard to learn though because I found it tabbed out about 4 different ways. It also helps that it sounds pretty good clean or sloppy. Now if I only had a good mic and amp that could really break it up well I may be able to nudge out JF in your eyes ;D

Definitely a step in the right direction…

One thing you might want to try on the rhythm part (where you play the chords) is to play:

Draw Blow Blow Draw…

Instead of:

Draw Blow Draw Blow…

The reason is because when you end on the Blow Chord you’re playing the four chord…but this song vamps on the one chord so if you end on the draw you will grounding the progression in the one chord.

I hope that make sense.


It doesn’t make sense yet because I don’t get the chord numbering, but I am guessing it is based on the circle of fifths and the key the song is in. I plan to research this more later, but I don’t need to understand to be sure that you are right, so I will make this change and record it again sometime and put up the version with the changes you suggested.

Thanks for your input. It was nice of you to give your advice on this.

It is greatly appreciated as is this forum in general.

For those who may not know this Riff at all here are some versions of it:

[center]A) 2D 4B 3D-b 2D 2D 2D 2D[/center]

[center]B) 2D 4B/3B 3D-b 2D 2D 2D[/center]

Some additional tips/suggestions:

  1. Each is based on timing…The easiest way to begin is with just the first three notes of V-A. And if you can’t do the 3D half bend, don’t worry about it. Just get the pattern and rhthym down over and over again.

  2. V-B is a bit trickier with a 4B/3B slur to 3D, half bend or no half bend. But a little investment work on your part will pay off in big dividends.

  3. Once you get the patterns and rhthyms down - you can literally “jump” off and move and groove around the harp. Then come back to it.

Now in the Blues Harmonica Collection by David McKelvy (and highly recommended for learning songs by Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II and others) - The following simple riff is played heavily throughout “I’m A Man” by Ellas McDaniel:

[center]2D 4B-3B 3D-2D 2D[/center]

In this one, the 4B and 3B are played together in a two-note chord; as are the 3D and 2D notes, ending with a single 2D again.

Since there are no bends anywhere to worry about, once you get this pattern and rhthym going - well you can virtually take it anywhere you want playing along with those tunes in your head.

Me, out on the “street” I like to fool around with doing 2D bends on each end without thinking about it. But I also go for consistency in the pattern and rhthym of play.

So take a little time working them out, and you may even suprise yourself at that!

Enjoy and have fun!

Smiles and keep on jammin’!