Marine Band question

I am not a very good musician but have been playing the harmonica for a couple of years, my problem is my C Marine Band harmonica no longer blows through the 7 hole after playing a couple notes, also my 4, 3 and 2 hole has never had any sound quality, maybe it’s me

keep in mind, i have just the basic understanding of harmonicas

thanks dave

It may be that you need to try gapping the 7 blow reed a little.

There are various videos on youtube, demmonstrating reed gapping.

awesome!!! will try it thanks

You could have something stuck in the reed, unless it stops after a couple blows than gapping is your best bet. The 2 and 3 are the harder holes to get a good quality sound out of. Have you been playing the same harmonica for a couple years? If so it could be time for a new one.