Marine Band Upgrade

I’ve got a mix of Marine Bands and Special 20’s, and I much prefer my MB’s so I am going to replace my Special 20’s with new Marine Bands. I was thinking though that I might use this as an excuse to buy either a MB Deluxe or Crossover. Any thoughts on which way to go? Are they worth the extra money over a standard MB?

Very much willing to visit the site

It’s a lot of give and take. The crossover and deluxe have the bolt together design making it easier to maintain your harp and keep it playing the way it should. Ultimately, it means you can keep the harp playing and sounding better for longer. They also have heavier cover plates which I think both sound better and project better than a standard marine band. The negative, in my opinion, is the comb. The traditional marine band uses unsealed comb that warps, leaks, and generally makes the harp harder to play but this is also what gives the marine band it’s raw sound. The triple sealed combs on the crossover and deluxe are going to be easier to play than a standard marine band but it’s going to give you a tone somewhere between as marine band and a special 20. You could always get the deluxe and drill your old marine band combs so that you can use them with your deluxe reedplate and covers. That would give you the best of both worlds.