Master Blaster (solo harp)

i had to use a Blues Harp in “A” and a Special 20 in “G” for this song.
Master Blaster solo harmonica

Like I was stretched out on the couch right there in the room with ya! :slight_smile:

Cool Beans!!

“Have Harp(s), Will Travel!” 8)

Hey that’s pretty cool I just tried doing the 2 harp play myself
I could hold them comfortably and all no problem but was just
playing some improvised stuff…it’s kind of neat…

thanks for posting

harp on!!

cool, Joe. I’m not really a blues cat at all. Wish i was but it isnt in me deep. So i play melodies and challenge myself with songs. I go thru hundreds before i find one that actually works. And the two-harp thing opens up more melody possibilities.