A shop near me has a couple of Hohner Meisterklasse’s in B for $39.99.
What do you think? Is this an instrument I should try to bend on?
They also have a Lee Oskar in Am for $17.99. I’ve never tried a minor key harp.

Just my openion, you’ll rarely use the key of B, I would get the Am.
Never played a Meisterklasse, hear there pretty good, If I had to chose, get an A.

Bugleboy I have a meisterklasse and I bought a while ago like maybe a year and half. And if I remember right I thought I payed 100 bucks for one.
So why are they selling them so cheap unless someone ordered them and never picked them up.

Maybe like Tyson says they decided they didn’t want them in the key of B

Harp on!!

I have to say I’m not a big fan of the MiesterKlausse unless it’s set up through reed gapping.

I like B because I love the tension in the reeds. It’s actually my favorite key in that regard. I also love the Bb like good ol’ Sonny Terry.

That a great deal for those harps… May as well snag 'um and have some fun with em…

The minor harps are awesome!!!


Thanks guys. Key of B isn’t one I’ve spent much time in with any instrument. But like the boss said, I play my harp alone. I have a Lee Oskar in A, and I like it. Never played a minor key harp, but I might have to try now. I’ll be counting my pennies for the MK too. It sure is a good looking and well finished instrument. I won’t be catching whiskers in this one.
BTW, they said they had the price so low because they’ve had them in inventory for such a long time.

they said they had the price so low because they've had them in inventory for such a long time.

Ooh, another lucky bargain hunter…get em when you can…they’re out there…way to go, BB! Harpster after my own heart!

Carry on, Yo! :wink:

Nobody was buying the Meisterklasse for its price, that’s why the lowered the price. In Europe the normal price is around € 65,-
If you would take a closer look at my favourite harmonica the Suzuki Promaster you will see NO difference, its the Japanese imitation of the Meisterklasse and I think its better ;D

Have fun, John

Hey John, is it an optical illusion, or are the holes on the Suzuki taller and narrower than the Meisterklasse?

Hoi BB,

I don’t know for sure, don’t measure it from the photo’s, I did put two different sized photo’s in one file.
But so far as I know the dimensions are the same.

Have Fun, John