Hey there everyone. I’ve been playing harmonica now for about two years. I love it and play every day. I think I do ok as far as why I started playing which was to entertain my buddies around the campfire. None of my buddies will pick up a harp and attempt to play which is a bummer cause I feel like I need that interaction with another harper. So anyhow I’m just wondering if anyone here was local to the Salinas/monterey, California area that likes to jam. Seems like to find a good instructor u have to be around Mississippi. Take care and let me know if you know anyone that plays in my area. Thanks

Howdy Rusty!

Seems to me, if my geography is correct, you’re in Dave Barrett country.

I’d definitely contact him and see if he can hook you up with harp players around your neck of the woods:

And you can try this place as well:

Good luck!


Keep us posted!

Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks a lot for the links “dude” I appreciate it.