Messin with the MB

Howdy fellers, I haven’t been able to get on lately much, but I’ve checked out the site briefly a few times. I started messing around with my Marine Band some. All I’ve done so far is replace the cover nails with screws and nuts and fold in the metal on the back and open it up some. It sure opened up the sound. The harp played well, but now the tone is fuller and louder. I did just a little gapping…nothing much…more later though. I intend to put screws through the reed plates, sand the comb smooth and seal it, and round out all the edges soon. This is a lot of fun, and it sure reaps dividends. My wife says she can tell a big difference. I can put even less air into the harp now and still get a big sound.


A) BB who? ???

B) Whatever happend to good ole BB?! :-\

C) Wow! Congrats! Cool Beans! Glad to hear you’re okay, doing fine, and hope to hear more along the way!!! :wink:

“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

Thats pretty awesome man sure wish I had the patience and talent to do that…

Anything to make my harmonica sound better is a good thing…

Harp ON!!

Frankly, trying to modify a harmonica scares me. I’m afraid I would open it up and ruin it completely.


you and me both what the say is to practice on a junk harp
to begin with that way you won’t ruin a good harp…

Harp ON!!

Hey Joe! The part I’ve done so far is the easy part.
Your advice about practicing on cheapo’s is great, unfortunately,
most cheapos have screws on the reed plates…so I’ll just do my best.
At least I’m nor experimenting with a $4,000 trumpet like I used to.
I’ll let you know as I get farther along with the work. So far so great though.

SPUD! I aint going anywhere. I have a new harping buddy I talk to occasionally on the phone who lives very near me. I’m trying to get hom on the site with us. He’s a great guy and started learning about the same time I did. He’s been doing Gussow’ lessons on Y’tube.
I gotta run, but I’ll be back.


Hey all of you should go on and joint and come into the chat room with Tyson, Street Player Dude, Burning Thunder and me a talk face to face, It’s GREAT fun. We talk to people all over the world and it’s clean harmonica fun. It’s great to hear and see eachother all you need is a mic and webcam.


Yup Barry’s right it’s a lot of fun, I’ll click on it a lot of times check who’s on but can’t be playing my harp
in the house especially after 8pm. Still got little kids and they need to be sleeping.

Always tempted to go there and just watch you guys but I know I’ll end up playing and
then getting yelled at…

Anyone who can should jump on good practice and good experience.

harp On!!