Michael Jackson Imitation

Just stumbled on this youtube clip.

Indredible talent for a 12 year old kid don’t you think :wink:

It’s a little long but once I started watching it I couldn’t quit :o


Aye, that was great, Joe :wink:

Dresses like Frank Sinatra…talks like Mel Tillis…but goes to show even in front of an all-white audience MJ still lives! :smiley:

Good inspiration for the dancing kid! :slight_smile:

Just look at the lady’s face light up at 3:20

Hi Jonathon,

Ya I noticed that too, her eyes popped out of her head.

Harp on!!

For really eye-popping stunning moments ever on YouTube or anywhere for that matter, I have to offer the following.

Thing is, there’s a little personal history behind this too.

The week this show aired, my mother, who had been in the hospital for two and half months finally succumbed to all her illnesses. I was there the moment it happened, quite tramautic to be sure.

However, since it was the middle of Holy Week, for Catholics/Christians etc., it meant she couldn’t have her burial until the following week. Anywho…

That Friday while watching Fox News, everyone was talking about this Susan Boyle lady and her appearance on Britians Got Talent show!

I decided to go ahead and find out what all the fuss was about.

Let me tell you - This was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. Meaning, whoever filmed/edited this clip for the show was pure genius!

The whole contained 7-minute or so clip is an entire movie in itself. Drama, suspense, comedy, humor, thrills, excitement, action and surprise - It’s all in there!

I don’t know how many times I sat and watched it over and over again - countless to be sure!

I laughed; I cried; laughed and cried again. Felt good to be alive and see the triumphs in this little real-life movie to boot!

Regardless as well of our differences, I know my mom would’ve loved this performance too!

I got on the phone and called my oldest dearest friend, as she was making arrangements to come up to be with me for next week’s services.

When I mentioned Susan Boyle, she got excited! She herself had sat and watched this clip several times. And after she took her dogs out for their business was coming back to watch some more. Yeah, pretty powerful amazing stuff there, yo!


With no further ado and thanks for reading, here now the best clip I’ve ever witnessed on YouTube or anywhere. Peace & SPD Out!

britians got talent - susan boyle - WOW’s Simon cowell (with lyrics)

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Wow Tears…Smile till my face heart…Goose Bumps…

Nothing else I can say!!

Thanks for sharing that on SPD.

Harp on!!

WOW wow WOW wow WOW wow WOW wow WOW