Mick here

Hello everyone. Mick here from Australia. Just seeing how to send a message to start with !

That went OK, so I’ll start now.
I am nearly 67 and started playing a toy harmonica when I was about 12 or 14 years old. Then I started playing a trumpet at high school and back to the harmonica after I finished school. Never had any sort of training and I don’t know one musical note from another. The only time I used to play was after I had been out with my mates and had too much to drink !
I have 4 old harmonicas from years ago and have recently bought a Hohner Marine Band Delux, a Hohner MB 364 and today I ordered a Hohner Golden Melody in G which is apparently very good especially for single note tunes which is what I like playing.
That’s about it.

Hey Mick. Great to have someone from down under.
Aloha from Hawaii,

Welcome, Mick. I think you’ll like it here. It’s friendly.
BTW, I love Australian accents.

Thanks, I think my harmonicas have some sort of accent too because I have trouble understanding them at times ! But I’m getting there.