MIDI Files

Where do you get MIDI files? I’m planning on using the harpingmidi.com software.

Thanks in advance!


Google works, Ace!


All over the internet real easy Ace. Just type in the song you want in Google…wayfaring stranger midi. and boooommm!!!

You’ll get a whole bunch to choose from.

Harp on!!

hey I was gonna say that.

Oh well I went to the trouble so I will

Harp on!!

I like using google, but i just end up with a bunch of sites that aren’t useful. Another thing is not all sites are trustworthy. I’ll use google though.



Ah okay Ace…I gotcha now!

Here, I trust this guy’s site. Should find good links here:


Let us know how it goes for you!

Keep on harpin’!

OH PS: Since his midis play all the time, not that that’s a bad thing - But you can always mute your speakers if need be. Know what I mean?! Good luck!!