Mississippi 40 hole harmonica?? What is this?

When I mentioned to a friend that I love harmonica music, he bought me a harmonica as a gift. it is a Mississippi Harmonica Co. 40 hole harmonica. It has twenty holes in each of two layers, and has no markings as to hole numbers or key. Anyone tell me anything about this harmonica? I figured out real quick it was not a beginners harmonica and got a Special 20 C to start on. Thanks for any info Connie

Tremelo harmonica pretty cool gift
Harp on!!

Well if you say you like cars, let’s hope you get a Porsche or Lamborghini, eh? :wink:

But yeah, you’ll enjoy the Spec20 Cadillac and probably grow into the Mississippi Ford soon enough. :slight_smile:


Keep On Harpin’!

Thanks, guys. I’ll stick with the Special 20s for now. I guess I’ll know what to do with the Mississippi when the time is right! connie

I think while learning to play the 10 hole you
will notice that you can pick up your tremolo once
in a while and relate what you learned with the 10 hole
and play your tremolo, so don’t totally ignore it.

One day I will own one.

harp On!!