Mixcraftcraft or Garageband

[i]Hope someone can help me out :-\

I use Mixcraft for windows to record a lot. What I’ll do is load a backing track in there say on track 1 and

then record my self on a different track. Then mix it down after.

Question is if I put the backing track in can I (i think you can) or how can I change the key.

Sometimes I have a tune I want to record but the backing track I got is in a different key than I want
to use.

Well in this instance I have a tune I want to record and it’s in “G” and my “G” harp is acting up >:(

I believe Garage Band works the same way as Mixcraft does.

I wish there was a phone number I could call up Mixcraft and get a live person to educate me step by step :-X

Harp on!![/i]

I have a tune I want to record and it's in "G" and my "G" harp is acting up

And how is that not a problem too?!

IDK - I know nothing of all those electronic new-fangled gizmos.

But perhaps somebody else here does.

Good luck!

Keep us posted!

Well, there blurb sez

“Pitch shift sounds from -24 to +12 semitones”

but does that mean you can change existing tracks ? :-[ dunno.
Have you posted this query on there forum?

Good Idea, Didn’t even think of it thanks a lot.

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Thanks got my answer on there forum today never ever thought to post over there :smiley:

Opens up a whole new thing for me using mixcraft :wink:

I’ve recorded a bunch of songs that I wish I could have used another harp now I can ::slight_smile:

Thanks a lot ;D ;D ;D

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Cool, Joe ;D ;D

Harp on!! :wink: