Mixing and matching Suzuki parts

So I’ve been mixing and matching Suzuki parts and I’finally come up with a combination that I am very happy with, I just wish I had the money to make all of my harps like this immediately lol.

I bought a Suzuki Manji in A and I was very pleased with the sound. I didn’t like the feel though. I felt that because the metal plates were past the comb I just felt like I was using to much air for the lower notes. The higher nots played like a dream though and again, the sound over all was just what I was looking for.

I had also bought a Suzuki blues master in A and I LOVED the feel, but the sound seemed a little muffled. Probably a combination of the cover plates and the cheaper reed plates.

I had trouble picking which one I liked more for a long time. And then for some reason it didn’t hit me until this week. Why not combine both of the best features I liked into one?

So I kept the Manji reed plates and cover plates and the Bluesmaster comb. With a little drilling to comb so the the cover plate would fit it was an instant master piece! I hate the extend the holes on the reed plate though so that they would fit more comfortably on the end of the comb. Moving the plates even closer to the blow holes created and even more air-tightness then any harp I had bought and this is a real winner.

If you have these parts try it for yourself and tell me what you think as well!

To add on to this, it pretty much feels like a souped up Manji. It’s even more air tight and with the blues master comb and the Manji reed plates and cover plates this thing just projects like there is no tomorrow. :slight_smile:

sounds neat…

then theres that sound clip we all are waiting for … :-\


good going


Haha whoops, I’m new here I’ll get one soon :stuck_out_tongue:

then practice a tune partial for us …lol

i just started playing two weeks ago .

it will be abit before i attempt as well

Lol that’s no issue, I just need to find away to get one on here. Think I’ll start that YouTube channel lol

You could just buy a Suzuki “Olive” check it out.
Soup or Prez

Hmmmm, if they’ve truly improved this and the cob isn’t hiding under the reed ages like the Manji then I will have to try one lol. Seems like a good product though.

I’ll have to look into that Olive.