Modern Songs With Harmonica?

What are some new more recent popular songs that feature the harmonica?


Howdy All!

I don’t really know new songs per se, as I’m always listening to my Little Walter, and Sonny Terry, and Sonny Boy Willaimson collections [that I picked up from Amazon cheap! ] :wink:

But if you watch any programs on TLC, Discovery, or History Channels - well there’s a whole lot of harpin’ going on there!

Really! Anything with Mike Rowe - Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch, even some Ford commercials; then American Chopper; American Pickers; Pawn Stars; and the list goes on and on - I listen for the blues harpster(s) playing in the background music.

I don’t know if any of them are Howard Levy gigs; and the credits go by too fast to find out who they are…But I’d like to play like them and just riff as they do!

Hopefully, some day soon I can do something as good as them; I’ll keep you posted, but don’t hold your blues notes for too long, eh?! :o

In the meantime, keep on harpin’ and thanks for reading!! :slight_smile:


If you want some great innovative Harp playing, then go take a look at Hakan Ehn on You Tube -

This guy is amazing and he’s always pushing the boundaries to what’s possible.

not exactly ‘new tunes’ but fantastic twists on some classic stuff.


This are not really top 40 songs, but they’re all quite new and really cool
The Shins and particularly The Low Anthem (in almost every song) tend to use the harmonica quite often:

The Shins - Pink Bullets

The Low Anthem - Home I’ll Never Be

To The Ghosts Who Write History Books -The Low Anthem PSYOP Psyessions

Also some Jack Johnson songs and some Angus & Julia stone songs
And I tend to use it in my own band too, but we’re not that professional yet of course:

Greetings Michiel

Try Dr. Feelgood Potts, album title “Going Down to Memphis”
also look up Brandon Bailey!

Aaah, nice. And relax…

Angus and Julia Stone, Hush

I just returned from the Nor-East’R Music and Arts Festival in Mio, MI. I met “Harper”…What an experience that was. He is an Australian singer/songwriter and creates a mix of wonderful music with his use of the harp and the didgeridoo. He did a “workshop” explaining his didgeridoo and his breathing technique which of course is reflected in his harp playing also. His website is He is also on facebook…

Thanks for that Muse video… that was awesome!

Here are some newer EPs with harmonica I have been enjoying:
Blackfoot Gypsies
The Delta Saints
The Barrellhouse Kings
(Find the above 3 on for free streaming.)

Steve Miller Band’s “Let Your Hair Down” has harp on most of the songs.

I recently discovered Blues Heritage Orchestra. They are combine blues, jazz, and gospel. Really nice sound.

Tom Petty plays harmonica in “US41” from his latest album, “Mojo.”

I guess most of these are not that popular, but they should be :slight_smile: and they are recent.

Th’ Legendary Shackshakers
The Dirt Daubers
Old Crow Medicine Show

Hi, a modern song with harmonica is the “Again” from The Archive. Check it:

Sooooo smooth harmonica!!!
Can anyone tell the key of the harp?


How about “Timber” by pit bull and ke$ha

Los Angeles band BARBARIAN OVERLORDS have a great song called “Hang Me From The Moon,” with a rippin’ Harmonica part!!! See attachment below…