More chords

Hi everyone,

I’m only a beginner, but I have been able to teach myself how to play a couple of songs (Popeye and America the Beautiful). However, I would really like to learn how to play more chords besides the one two chord in the video. Does any one have any suggestions?



I’ll be brutally honest here, Sir Rick - As a musically non-trained, mostly self taught harp player, at this point on my journey through the harmonica universe - I know absolutely nothing about chords! I admit it, because I’m still trying to figure out “positions.”

So I’m hoping somebody or a group of somebodys will join in and offer you the help you’re asking for here! I know they’re there!

So God help us all! And thank you in advance!!

Wow. This is a great question and a fairly complex one to answer.

Do you play other instruments Rick? How much music theory do you know?

Ok. The simple response. Though you can play chords on the harmonica (at least parts of chords) this is an advanced undertaking.

As a beginner, I would not think of the harmonica as a chordal instrument. Think of it as a lead instrument and play melodies.

That’s my suggestion for now.

Good luck,