More new harp


I’m pretty new to the harmonica, although have some competence on a couple of other instruments (bodhrán + rhythm bones, also gittar + mandolin), and I live up in the city of Oulu, Finland. I picked up harmonica recently, I’m not totally sure why.

The first harp I got was a Hohner MS Blues harp. It’s OK, but I found that the sound was quite piercing and I didn’t get that far with it. I recently got another harp in a different key, but this time got a Hohner MS pro harp.

Now, it sounds to me that the Pro has a slightly richer tone than the Blues harp, and I like the sound a lot more, and am consequently thinking of playing a bit more seriously - so I thought time to join a forum and start looking for advice.

As well as saying “Hei” from nothern scandinavia, I’m also wondering if anyone can say if there is a difference between the two harps more generally, or is it just the two harps that I have? Most places on the internet seem to say that the two harps are the same. I’m wondering if the material (plastic vs wood) makes any difference at all?



You didn’t tell us what key the harps were in. High key harp are shrill but not so bad when played in 2nd position and in tune with the music.
There are many different opinions on which harps are better than the other.
In My Opinion… The Blues MS is a bottom line beginner/starter harp. The Hohner MS Pro Is an above average harp and will serve you well for many years.
I am only an intermediate and partial to plastic combs because they are don’t swell, easy to clean, and cover the edge of the metal reed plates that are hard on the lips. The Pros say I will change my mind as I improve. I play Special 20’s, figure I’ll buy better as I improve my playing.

True enough, I didn’t mention the key. The Blues Harp in in D and the Pro Harp is in G - so the Pro is a bit lower than the Blues Harp.

I totally get your point about changing opinions as you learn more about the instrument. I guess for the cost of a Hohner Harp (mine cost about 30 euros each) it’s not worth worrying about too much - maybe if I ever buy a really expensive harp :slight_smile:

But thanks for the advice!


I am in the same boat. I play Special 20’s. I will get better harps if my playing ever reaches the point where I am playing on stage. While I am learning and honing my skills I’ll stick with the Special 20’s