Most Customizable Harp?

I am a beginner and i am searching for “my” harp. Something about me; if i can do something custom it has to be done custom. I want to get a harp that i can customize to its maximum capability, one that has all the things that i perceive i want out of a harp. So which harmonica is the most customizable? keeping in mind cost of reed plates and number of other harp items that can be used on it. I know I’m going to get a lot of the “if your a beginner you should start out with a intermediate harp and learn to play” but please just bare with me.


I do understand that i should start out on a cheap harp, but i would still like one to get real on after honing my skills

How about since you are a beginner you start with learning to play harmonica first.
What you propose to do is akin to wanting to customize a car without having any idea as to how the car opperates, and in doing so quite possibly screw the car up to the point of it being undrivable. Harmonicas have sxtreme tolerances that when not set up properly render the instrument unplayable, or very leaky/unresponsive. Not all harmonicas are of the same materials or gauges of thickness in reeds, and reedplates, some reeds are riveted, some are welded, all having effect on how the instrument responds to altercations from stock. The Suzuki “Manji” for example has very close reed slot tolerances and can be fr##ked up by embossing.
All that said if I where going to recommend a harmonica to play/work on it would be a Hohner “Special 20”, rather inexpensive, plays great right out of the box and takes (I am using your term) 'customization" great, screwed together construction, riveted reeds, softer brass than either Suzuki or Seydel. Working on a “cheap” harmonica would be an exercise in frustration as you wouldn’t learn anything by not being able to do much to a POS, they just won’t take it. I know am talking to someone who probably doesn’t want to hear this, but play the harmonica for a while before “YOU” put on your stamp of cutomization. You just might learn something about the instrument and in doing so have a much better insight as to how to go about “customization” that best suits your playing style.
On the other hand if you where mearly wishing to do a cosmetic “customization”, chrome it.
Super Prez

thanks for your input Super President. I will definitely put a little more time into learning the instrument and establish what i want from the instrument, but i wanted to get a new harp and i wanted one that i would be able to expand as my skills did. I like to think im quite good when it comes to handy-work like this, but i will wait a little before getting started

I dunno…if you are looking for putting different plates on a harp’s harps have lots of different covers you can get.

Other than that…most harmonicas are relatively uncustomizable. Other instruments you can get different pieces and parts for, but if you buy a special 20…the only plates you can put on it are sp20 plates…the only reeds are sp20 reeds…etc. I have never heard of anybody buying a ‘custom’ harp…unless they literally build all the pieces themselves.

But I don’t really know what you mean.

Maybe what you want a harp that you can emboss reeds, tune different, etc. If you’re going for that…really any harp will work. There are a few things that you can do to cover plates, depending on what harmonica you like. You can open the back up…bend it to fit your lips better, but again, I don’t know what you mean by ‘customizing’.

As far as getting ‘real’…I think you will find that a nice harp plays REALLY nice. My favorite is a Marine Band, and I play it all the time…but I can’t think of one thing I would change. Only thing might be changing the wood comb for a plastic one, but they don’t make plastic combs for that. If I want a Marine Band with a plastic comb…I pretty much just have to buy one.

Hope this helps!

Peace Out!