Most Extreme Harps?

What are the most extreme harps?

Most expensive? Bob Dylan signed harps and/or Hohner Gold/Diamond harp
Highest quality?
Smallest? USB harp (2.5 inch)
Craziest design?
Strangest sound?
Most durable?
Least durable?
Most popular make/model? Spec 20(?)
Anything else I’m forgetting? Let me know.

Most popular make and model ?

Of course! I shall add that to the list right now.
Sorry none of them are up yet. I plan to research and list the answers in a few days.

lol, right now I’d like to know the “Easiest to play”
;D ;D ;D ;D

That would come in handy!

That is a pesty question, Pestmaster. 'cause it will be differant for everyone! I personnally believe it to be Seydel, others say SP20, others say GM, then others would say Suzuki. So who knows, you must try them all and come to your own conclusion. ;D
I didn’t help much, did I?

I figured out the most expensive.

And probably the most popular:

Harp on!!

Starting out it’s almost an endless pursuit to find the best. It’s also expensive. It’s called GAS (gear aquisition syndrome) and you quickly find that in the end it’s mostly up to you.

Any of the mid priced harps from reputable manufacturers are good. eg

Lee Oskar
Suzuki Harpmaster, Bluesmaster
Hohner Sp20

Stay away from real cheapies. Stay away from wood bodies & high end harps until you comfortably feel you know what you are doing.

For example if you start out with a Lee Oskar or any of the above you can be assured you have a good harp. Stick with it for awhile, learn to love it and it will reward you.

Joe, those are some expensive harps! The only one that I think could rival them is the one given by Hohner’s founder to a pope. 24-karat gold encrusted with diamonds. :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually bought one of those you listed as most popular just this past thursday! Or at least a close relative to them.
Keep harpin’!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the cheapest harmonica! Go to a salon, buy a comb (the hair kind), cover it in wax paper, and hum into it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was looking around and thought this was interesting. ;D

Notice base price!

I found the smallest (I think).
It’s a USB drive that’s 2.5 inches long and resembles a harp. The 2.5 inch, ten-hole harmonica actually works!