Mouth Care

Hi to all; I’m Walboy3 & new to the group. I just recently received my complete lesson bundle & having a great time! I have seen all kinds of help on harp care, maintenance, breathing, & lots other. But, I haven’t seen anything on mouth care (other than cleaning).
I am on some medications which cause perpetual dryness. Yesterday, I jammed for a couple hours, using a very light coat of Carmex; and, still ended up with a pretty sore spot on my lip! I had to lay off today, because of it.
Is there anyone out there with similar problems… Maybe y’all can suggest ways to battle this condition? Thanks…Walboy


If you’re able to jam for a few hours using lip balms…

My suggestion would be to become more aware when it begins to wear off, then add more.

As well, akin to trumpet, clarinet and other brass/reed players – It will take you a while to develop what some might call: callusses on your lips. Meaning, don’t over do it until your mouth etal becomes more accustomed to the instrument.

Good luck!

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Keep On Harpin’!

Hi Walboy,

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been pretty busy with the holiday rush. Regarding your mouth dryness…I wonder if you have found anything that is working for you now…if not I would like to suggest that you try using lip moisturizers, balms or even olive oil on your lips at night and at all times when you are Not playing the harmonica, so that it does not inhibit your playing while your practicing. If you find that it wearing oils on your lips while playing does not bother you then continue, if not try this method and your lips will already be very conditioned by the time you put the harmonica in your mouth.

Let me know how you are doing,

Your harmonica buddy,