Music Collection

Two good sources of CDs. Both still publish print catalogs.
Daedalus Music 800-395-2665
Collectors Choice 800-993-6344

Both have a good selection of Blues,Country and Folk. Daedalus specializes in over stock and the like and has great prices. CC has a lot of reissues at reasonable prices.

Any links MP?! ???

Yes I’ve sent the links. It did not occur to me to do so as I still do my business with them by mail and phone. They each still put out print catalogs call and subscribe for free. and

And this week I made my first online purchase…Bushman harp. I’m starting to like this computer age.

I just glimpsed through their sites, MP! :slight_smile:

Am not a strictly Amazon shopper; and always good to look around for great bargains. :smiley:

And with so many sites nowadays, and growing with no end in sight, no way to know them all. :stuck_out_tongue:

So thanks for sharing through this post! :wink:


Keep On Harpin’!

Another site cdbaby at specializes in independent and small labels personal releases.

Mike you can put the hyper link right in to the message so we can just click on it and go there :smiley:

All you got to do is type, then left click your mouse and carefully drag it over the web address,
then when it’s totally highlighted, go above the smiley faces 3rd icon from left, looks like a globe with a piece of paper
in it. Just click on that. And it should turn it into a hyperlink. but only when you post or preview.

Try it out it’s easy and it makes it easier for us to check out what your referring to. Actually it’s easier than that
just type the full web address and it will automatically turn it into a hyperlink.

Harp on!!

Uh, hi, Joe! :o

Meds okay?! :wink:

Uh, bye, Joe! :slight_smile:

mwuahahahahaha!!! :smiley:

Keep on Harpin’! ;D

cdbaby is where I got my Dennis Cooper downloads. Great harmonica sounds.