my 2 draw un-bent AH HA moment.

i thought i was dropping the back of my tongue, but the sound wasn’t there. after much trying, here’s how i finally got a consistent 2 draw un-bent on my C harp, which has really allowed me to progress. it was hard to practice scales and the phrasings and riffs JP teaches on his dvds with a crappy 2 draw, but now it sounds good and feels even better to be over that hump.

here is what i do. i yawn with my mouth closed.

i know that may not make much sense, but try it if you are a beginner like me and having trouble getting a nice consistent un-bent 2 draw.

without the harp, open your mouth as wide as you can, like you are yawning really big, but leave your lips pressed together. feel the way your mouth and throat feel kind of wide open? now add the harp with your mouth/throat in the “yawning” position and draw the 2 hole from the diaphragm.

i also suggest that you play standing up if you are able.and stand straight. i have found that my posture, which affects my neck/throat position also affects my draw notes.

i hope this helps someone who is stuck on 2 draw fully un bent…

Every little bit helps, Lawrence…

Works for me, as I tried it too…

also suggest that you play standing up if you are able. and stand straight. i have found that my posture, which affects my neck/throat position also affects my draw notes.

Right you are, also!

Rock on, yo!!

Very helpful! Works like a charm. :]

Now if anybody has the secret to the 3’’’ draw…(third bend)
Anybody ?

I’m new, but I can get a decent third bend by arching my toungue where the back is almost on the roof of my mouth. Then I move it up and down. It almost sounds like ‘whew’ without a harp.

Are you getting all 3 bends on the 3 draw?
I can get the first 2 but the 3rd I have hit a couple time but find it VERY difficult

I have trouble getting them all at once too. I guess we just have to see what works and do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can get the first 2 but the 3rd I have hit a couple time but find it VERY difficult
How do you know which 2 of the 3 you're actually getting?!

Meaning, on a C, on Draw 3, after ‘breaking in/warming up’ the reeds on a new harmonica – I could get the regular B, Bb, and A#. The Bb and A# are 2 of the 3 bends.

However, the one used most commonly in Blues & Cross Harp is the “A” bend which is between these two.

For me, JP Allen in his world’s best selling and most favorite harmonica course dvd set bundle was the first one to recommend using a chromatic tuner to help find these bent notes.

If you have such a tuner in your musical toolbox, great. Time to put it to work.

If not, here’s an online tuner one of our harmonica friends uses and swears by to get just the right pitch, note, etc. –

Again, since the “A” note bend is the most used – Once I was able to adjust my embouchure and breath as it were, and build it into my muscle memory, I’ve been more accurate in hitting it the majority of the time.

And if lil ole me can do it, you can too!


Keep On Harpin’!

As SPD says you are probably getting the third, but missing the second. I still often have the same problem, I go for the second, but end up over bending it down to the third degree. To master this you should get a chromatic instrument and play the chromatic scale up and down, and experiment with half steps. I say this because it’s extremely important that you hear the second degree of the bend inside your head before you hit it.

Thanks SPD & Whiskat, I have a chromatic harp I can use. It’s a Hohner Chromonica 270, I don’t now much about it, I was given this as a gift from my brother when he heard I wanted to learn to play the harp. I was told back then that I needed to learn the diatonic first, after getting into the diatonic (and hooked) I learned these are 2 totally different instruments. I still hope to learn the chromatic I guess now is a good time to get my feet wet huh!
I have been looking at as recommended in another thread here. I still don’t know how good my harp is, if it’s good for a beginner to learn on or not but it’s what I got to work with so it will have to do! I can tell it’s not a cheapie!
Thanks for the advice everyone! I guess my learning cup continues to overflowith! Problem is my forgetith cup overflowith too!!!

If you don’t want the hassles of learning about slides, windsaver valves, etc. on the chromatic…You can always go solo tuned:

I have a Hohner CX-12 chromatic from MF; but the solo tuned and the accompanying books from C2C can’t be beat either!! I like them more!

Just one man’s preference!!

Rock on, yo!!

Hey Brother,

You frakin’ ROCK, dude !!!

Your “yawn with a closed mouth” exercise has helped me more than any other drill.

I can bend like a REAL harp player now. Now I’m able to actually go directly to a bend from a blow or draw. Before now, I hit the draw and then had to pull the bend down…very weak.

Thanks again, Brother. You have a great life.

Semper Fi !

Oh no! Please stick with the slide. Get the solo tuned too if you want, but don’t stop
working with your 270. You might want to not order from C2C now that they have been
eaten by Harp Depot. Horror stories abound.
I’m not shooting down the solo tuned. I just don’t want you to ignore the 270.