My antenna

I thought I’d try posting a picture to see if I could get it to work.
This is a TV antenna I built from scraps. This was the first one I built, and it works way better than the manufactured ones on which I wasted my money. I built it originally because I had a dish receiver that lost the signal every time it rained pretty good. Now I have cable, and we don’t have to wait for rain to lose our service. It just goes out all the time.
Anyway, trying this out.

Well, that sorta worked OK.

Tesla would’ve been proud!

Maybe Kodak too!!

Rock on, yo!!

Hey SPD, did you move my post over here? I doubt I had the courtesy to put it in the right place. I was in a hurry an wanted to see if I could upload a pic somehow. I should have scrolled down to find a better spot.
Anyway, thanks for policing up the grounds and not chewing us out about our faux pas-es (that’s South Carolina Frenchy talk). Actually, once upon a time I was pretty fluent. I visited Quebec and Montreal for the World’s Fair in '67 (?) and was blown away by the French Canadian girls. They were entranced by my southern drawl, and that was cool, but I really wanted to hear what they were actually saying. Hey, I was 13 years old. What do you expect?

All reservoir Mon Sewers at My Dimes (more SC Frenchy talk…pretty good huh?),


Oui, Oui, Mon Frere! <<<that’s about all the French you’ll get from me…>>>

Sure, I could leave messages saying I move topics around; but figured you’d find it over here soon enough! No problem, you did!!

Now although I traveled Canada (Upper United States?!) years ago while trucking - Never quite got up to Montreal. Was booked to go; but dispatcher cancelled it at the last moment. Oh well. Shit happens.

The closest I ever got to a French girl was a German one I met in a Mexican bordertown.

Okay, she was well-traveled and guess you had to be there.

Ah memories…Hehehehe!

I made one of these as well. It worked great, but I wanted to mount something in the attic so I bought an amplified one. One day I am going to make one that is a double antenna and see if I can mount it in the attic without an amp and get the same reception with a home made non amplified antenna. Yours looks good. Placed outdoors these things will pull in stations at 45 miles or more.

Yeah buddy, you can stack two tall and two wide if you’re careful with matching the wire lengths pretty close.
Actually the single will work well in your attic. I took the reflector off the antenna and got better results. Put it in your attic with a rotor and a TV signal amp (makes a world of difference) and have fun. Here’s the same one with its shirt off. Made one for our daughter that she calls the robot. Try building and stacking a Gray Hoverman type. They do very well.

Whats with all the antenna talk ;D ;D ;D ;D

Don’t they have cable down south ??? ??? ???

just kiddin LOL :wink: :wink:

Harp On!!

Shhh, JF!

Them good ole southern boys is working fast and furious as they can through the last half of the 20th century. Some heard tell just got plumbing in those outdoor houses of thars. Know what I mean?!

So don’t want to discourage and/or slow 'em down anymore none, now, do we?!

Might be another 100 years or so before they join the rest of us here in the 21st century, don’tcha know!

So ex-nay on wtfs with all the antennaes talk-ay, eh?!

Laters, yo…And mum’s the word!!

I just love free stuff and free TV is as good as any. I cancelled my cable a long time ago because it was too expensive and I watched too much TV anyway. I don’t miss my cable at all.

I feel the same way about this new fangled fad called the internet…

If it wasn’t for this forum and everything else Harmonica Universe, I’d cancel my service and be…sleeping!