My First Jam Session

Hey Community,

This is my first Jam sessionwith peeps from my church,

I know I go off here and there, and drown out the keyboard…but can I get some feedback??
ryan jammin

Thanks for your time,


Well Ryan:

If there was a keyboard there, seems the drummer/percussionist drowned that out. So it wasn’t you.

Be interested to know what tune…

As it was a jam session, still, were you attempting a long rock/blues solo or playing off somebody else?

The church basement looked familiar. As I’ve been in quite a few from my altar boy days and beyond, guess they all pretty much look alike. And I suppose the acoustics bouncing off the cold concrete blocks weren’t all that great for you either.

Yet you did get up there and do it!

So rock on, yo!!

Looks like a fun jam!

But you have to lower your shoulders when you play, you’re going to wear them out that way.

Nice job Olo,

Wow up there jammin on stage…

One day maybe for me.

You sounded great your on your way now.

Harp On!!

I think you did very nicely. I do agree with Dude, the percussion drowns out all the background.

We have the same issue with drums. I used to jam with some of our worship group guys at our drummers house - he has a ‘studio’ out back and it got a bit rowdy sometimes but nobody played the harp - but soon… oh yeah! We had to crank it up to get over the drummer (our excuse anyway)!

Sounds good fir a first time - takes a lot of guts to get up there. I’m sooooo looking forward to that!

Yup me too FJ. That’s my ultimate goal to play well enough to play for people and not sound terrible.
Heck even sound good.

Got to keep looking for opportunities and when they come you got to grab them.

Till then keep on jammin with yourself

Harp On!!

cool stuff !