My First Post

Hello folks,

I’ve been a member since 24 March and reading the interesting posts.

I’ve wanted to learn to play harmonica since I was a kid but never had much success. Both times I decided to give it a try I bought a harp and a book or two from a music store. I could never find anybody that actually taught harmonica. Needless to say, trying to learn from those books was frustrating. Then I happened across JP’s videos and Web site and was impressed with his method of starting with the basics instead of jumping right into trying to learn songs. I purchased JP DVD Bundle and have been going through them. I have a Hohner Marine Band in C that I purchased and let sleep in a drawer for about ten years. I recently purchased a Suzuki Promaster also in C. I know JP recommends the Hohner Special 20 in C to learn on. I don’t want to get another key of C harp so I think I’ll wait until I learn enough and am ready for another key.

I played trombone and drums in high school band but have done nothing with music since. I’m mostly interested in learning for my own enjoyment. Even at that, I’ve got lots of practicing to do. I retired a couple years ago and now have more time to devote to learning harmonica.

Wish me luck.

Nice first post! Feel free to do more anytime!

Glad you’ve been reading up and hanging out! The more the merrier!


Good luck!


Keep On Harpin’!

Welcome Jimus,
So where are you at with yer lessons? You will find everyone here friendly and helpful when/ if you get stuck or even just moral support. Keep on posting!

I wish you luck!

Hey Jimus,

I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying practicing with my lessons. Stick with it, and feel free send me a video clip of yourself if you’d like, I’d be happy to give you some pointers to help you along.

Your harmonica buddy,


Good Luck Jimus with your JP bundle, take your time going through it,
you should be playing some nice tunes shortly.

Get some free recording software on the web and post up some of your progress here on the forum.

Recording yourself and listening will definitely improve your play.

See ya round the Forum.

harp On!!