My Grandson watching and following JP's free lesson...

[size=14pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt][size=10pt]Got my grandkids a couple inexpensive harmonicas and signed into the website. He refers to JP as “That cool guy” …[/size]

Wow reallly cool excellent Job by Tyler. I was right where your at in front of
my computer listening to JP doing them same patterns.

Except your much younger and you’ll learn quicker ;D

Keep up the good work Tyler ;D

Harp On!!

Make sure he knows that no one starts out knowing how to do anything. He did a really good job, and as well as any of us that are much older did when we started out. Mistakes are part of learning, and part of the fun. Good luck to you and him. I can’t tell you how many times my son tells me he can’t do something. He’s lucky to have you right there to let him know he’s wrong about that.

Hey Arizona!
Is that JP Part Deux? :wink:
Thank you for sharing that moment with us.
JP has his children all around the globe, and we’re not all as young in years as your Grandson.
When we “Old Guys” get started with JP, we’re kids again.
A harp is warm memories you can carry in your pocket. A shared litle tune on the porch. A stolen moment alone when the music and your heart match sounds. Jamming with friends (or making new friends jamming). Just talking harp with our buddies here.
I like carrying memories in my pocket. They don’t fade or tear like photos…and they are alive.
This is what you have given your Grandson…a priceless enduring gift.


Hey good job Tyler! If you keep it up, you might become the next JP Allen! :wink: Keep up the good work.

Let’s not forget about JP’s “Pops” doing his part to carry on the “family tradition” either:!/

It’s all good, I’d say!!