my Halloween song

howdy guys ,its been awhile sence i stoped in been busy,thought i would drop a new video for Halloween tis the season,the season of the witch;-)
ghost and goblins

Visual imagery was unique. Nice blend for storytelling. Heard a little Celtic, Druid and New Orleans Cajun Voodoo influences throughout.

At least that’s how it all appears and sounds for my first read this morning without my coffee!

Bottom line: A great treat with all the cool tricks involved!

Keep on jammin’, Hobo!

thanks i kind of like to see Halloween or Saimhane at different views,theres the fun,tricker treat,part and the more serious side of the Wicans its all good;-)plus the other stuff you mentioned i never really thought about

Oh I know much about Samhain {pronounced at times ‘Sou win’} and Wiccans to be sure, Stubs. It’s all good.

But too, used to have a lady friend who was an artist. Painted these huge landscapes of her backyard and elsewhere.

Only thing is, as I looked at it - I’d ‘see’ various other elements and images {such as power animals, etc.} she never saw until I pointed them out. Grateful and pleased about my observations, she did say she did it all subconsciously and/or unconsciously. I happily agreed.

So same applies here too! If anybody’s subconscious or unconscious while at work, it’s you, Hobo!

Rock on, yo!

trick or treat

Um, while it may not be above my paygrade…still I never “ASSUME” – so uh, you tell me! ::slight_smile:

However from meself to yourself:

Feliz Día de los Muertos, Mi Amigo! {Happy Day of The Dead, My Friend!} :wink:

Hasta la vista, baby! {Self explanatory but: } :smiley: