My harmonica is repaired?


well, this is the story
I got a used suzuki chromatix harmonica
some of its sounds squeeked an d I just couldn’t play with it

so Iv’e sent to repair with some guy
I got it back and was much easier to play with
But I still got that squeeking sound!!
I called the guy and he said that I don’t play correctly(which is true, I’m a beginner)
but is it really the source of that squeeking sound?

heres a youtube of me demonstrating the problem

I just saw your video. It looks/sounds to me that you are holding the harmonica the wrong way around. Are the numbers 1 - 10 running from your right to the left? Nothing wrong with that approach, but most hold it with numbers going from left to right.

Next, if you are holding it with numbers 1 - 10 going from your right to your left, then by the sounds of it you are blowing into holes 1 and 2 which sound a bit dodgy. This is 99% of the time a beginners problem. Almost all beginners thing there is a problem with holes 1 and 2 and sometimes 3. I did too :slight_smile: I then did some googling and discovered lots of beginners have this problem. It will go away within a week or so of practice, ideally with a teacher ( online or in real life).

Get some lessons and you’ll discover that your harmonica is perfectly OK :slight_smile:

I believe he was aiming the camera into a mirror.
That’s why the harmonica looks backward. Danny is correct though
in that your trouble is probably technique. Most of us recommend
you hold your nose while breathing through the troublesome holes
(just relaxed breathing through the holes…don’t push on blow or pull
hard on draw). This may give you an idea of the proper technique
while keeping you from passing air through your nose while playing.


I think same Danny_D nothing wrong with that approach