my latest cigar box guitar build pics

Pretty talented, Hobo

Hey still working my way around the guitar, was just curious, 3 strings on them cigar box guitars,
what notes are they, played open.

Harp On!!

yes most times,but some people will tune them standard EAD,but i like GDG with the ADG strings but you tune GDG with GBE strings there so many ways you can tune em thats half of the trying to firgure them out just with the tuning options but im new i use open G ,GDG,From what i understand sence all music is either single notes1 or partial chords 2 notes and chords are 3 notes to make that in thereory any song can be played but it will have a striped down sound which gives it the delta sound only CBG’s have

with the price of cigars nowadays…you smoke em yourself, or got a hook-up at a smoke shop for empty boxes somewhere?!

just curious…

Stubs are you taking orders on your Cigar box guitar.

I want one can you ship How much $$$$$$???$$$$$$$

Serious Tyson wants one to.

Can I get one in key of “C” ;D ;D

Just kidding

serious about getting one though 8)

You may just get really busy soon :wink:

Then I’ll need a harp rack :wink:

I might need 2 cigar box guitars my son will probably want one :wink:

Christmas is coming.

Harp on!!

Have a look at Seasick Steve, I think he plays a 3 string guitar


Class blues man ;D ;D

Excellen-tay-a-mundo!!! ;D

Yep! That guy is pretty good!