My lips are sticking

I have a hard time keeping my lips from sticking. Anyone have a cure for this problem. Do I just need to try to be a spittier person?

[font=Verdana][u]I always keep a bottle of water with me when I play. And someone told me to use Aquafina lip balm, if you do
I would use it very sparingly cause it may end up clogging your harp. But I do use it at times :wink:

I have the opposite problem right now I’ve been learning a tune with several bents notes in it,
when I hit the bends it makes my mouth water up and then I end up getting a stuck
reed >:(

Very frustrating because it’s a fast moving fiddle tune and the bends need to be hit hard and fast :o

And as I’m moving I end up getting a flat note because of lots of moisture clogging or getting a reed stuck.[/u][/font]

Harp On!!

I usually just lick my lips when I take a breath. That usually works unless I’m playing for more than about ten minutes straight because my lips wil start to get really chapped and then REALLY start sticking. lol. So I just put on lip balm as I go.
Hope this helped,

Sounds like just another case of:!/

Plenty of straight water or iced down beer/alcohol works for me!

Rock on, yo!

Hey Gregomatic!!!

Making sure one is well hydrated helps. I recommend you drink H20 when you play.

I don’t like using lip balms because they clog the harp.

Saliva is really the best lubricant that I’ve found so far.

I sometimes carefully bite the tip of my tongue to create saliva.

I also point the tip of my tongue towards that back of my head. Then I push the underside of my tongue hard against the roof of my mouth and that seem to activate the flow of moisture.

Then I lick my lips. As time goes on you’ll develop an early warning signal to lick your lips so you don’t suddenly get stuck with dry lips.

Nervousness and certain medications, caffeine, etc… will also dry the mouth…

I hope that helps Greg!


This helped a bunch. I think part of the problem is we have recently had very low humidity. This is my first experience with low humidity since I started playing and it has been a way bigger problem recently.

Luckily for me I am caffeine free. I drink almost exclusively milk or water.

No meds either, but unfortunately I am not free of nerves ;D

I would also like to add that I think it is ironic that the too much moisture and the lips sticking from too little moisture threads are right next to each other.

And it’s for that very reason why I reopened this thread:!/

Sheesh! I guess I’m the only one who reads posts around here… :-\

Either that or I’m what comedian Lewis Black calls a Prophet! :o

Yeah way cool! :smiley:

Mwuahahahaha!!! ;D

Laters and rock on, yo!!

I had the same problem early on. When I got more comfortable with the harp I relaxed my embouchure. Now the sticky lips only happens when I start to tighten up. Try relaxing your lips. That really helped me. I do use a little of the Aquafina Lip Balm before I start playing and then when I am done. It really soothes my lips.

Ok, here is a trumpet man’s way of not getting chapped lips. I can’t tell you how to keep your lips wet while you play harp, but when your lips are off the harp, never wipe your lips dry. Especially don’t lick or wet them and then wipe them. Dab your lips gently (mostly in the corners of your mouth…that many times will take care of the moisture problem) with the fleshy muscle part of your index finger’s first joint. Just blot with it gently. I played long hours daily in all types of weather and bad conditions and never had much trouble with chapped lips. When we did need to medicate the lips, we used the Blistex squeeze tube, not waxy stick or balms. The wax didn’t allow our lips to operate efficiently and caused more drying and chapping. The constant rubbing back and forth on the harp is similar or worse than the friction on a brassman’s mouthpiece. Try this old method. Do it right, and it works great.