My mini amp, my I-mics

at home, I’m used to play on a small Danelectro Hodad II, really efficient and sounding nice and roots…

and I made myself my two mics :
the first :

the second, from an old european telephone, with dynamic cartridge

you can see more pics, and see how I made the I-mic on my blog, “The Harpix Diaries” :slight_smile:

i just figured how to play through a 1958 portable tube radio. my first experiments failed because i was using a crystal mic with no preamp (duh). i finally had success with a telephone speaker. but i think a preamp will work better. im gonna take the amp from my computer speakers put two jacks on it and hook it to a 9 volt battery. to operate the tube radio on battery power i have to have 4 D cells to make the tubes glow, and 10 9 volt batteries in a series to make the radio work. theres no battery tube amp so i did this.

I’ll made a review of that preamp very soon, hope to receive it in a few days:
line 6 pocket pod