My New Avatar

I’m posting it because you can’t read it and I think it’s funny.

I created a great logo for my production company…But the words/image are/is too small to be seen clearly. So I’m using the ‘local’ pics until I find something I like.

Smiles! :slight_smile:

Hey Gregmatic,

pretty cool thats my new desktop background…

Harp on!!

Thanks for the compliment. I had to sneak my son’s Wolverine out of his room at nap time to get that shot.

I like this…and it reminds me of those little Lego people.

They have a bunch of them. They are called Mighty Muggs.

Do you remember Monsters in my pockets? Kinda similar.

Do you remember Monsters in my pockets?

Of course when I read the above, my quick comeback would’ve ended with the punchline: “Or are you just happy to see me?!”

But after doing some searches and finding the following, I said okay now I understand!

There was even a TV commercial for those pocket monsters. Yet I honestly don’t recall any of these:

I actually thought the Avatar was one Howard the Duck. Now, him, I do remember!
Howard the Duck (1986) Trailer

It’s all good! Now as to whether or not I’m happy to see ya’ll - Hell, I’ll never tell! mwuahahahaha!!


Keep On Harpin’!