My new favorite Christmas song

This is my new favorite Christmas song for obvious reasons.
Till Santa’s Gone

Thanks, Gregmatic! I’m not much on country music, but that song was pretty good. ;D

I looked up who plays the harmonica on that and it says Clint Black plays it. That’s another one I never knew played harmonica.

Well you don’t have to be into country to not like even love the following.

As someone who has been out on the road during more holidays than I care to recall, this still always gets me right “there.” :-* Know what I mean?! Enjoy!

“Where Are You Christmas”
I think Faith Hill sings this one.
Another one you don’t have to like Country to enjoy.

Came from the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” movie…

Nothing beats the original…so never saw the movie.

Helps not being a Jim Carey fan…

Don’t have to hear from those who are.

I’m not a hater…just not a liker! Hehehe!

Beautiful song, with or without the vid, but enjoy anyway:
Faith Hill Where Are You Christmas HD

I’m not a Carey fan eather but this is a good show and the music video is awesome with Faith Hill.

There’s definitely something about the original cartoon that outshines the live movie version. However, always fair to compare side by side (or top to bottom) to see which one is favored by the consensus:
The Grinch Song
You’re a Mean one Mr. Grinch sung by Jim Carey

One of my favorite songs too:

Haha! Love the Grinch done by Carrey. :]