My song request

OK does anybody know how to play Dwell? Here’s a link if any one can find it Thanks and kudos! XD No matter what I can’t find it! So good luck!
Best video I could find of it Thanks BTW I cant find my Christmas time book of 25 songs from last year that I loved I’ll keep searching though! THANKS AGAIN!

Merry Christmas!

Albeit not big on Christian music per se…

Did track down some lyrics; guess though, if you seek out the group, find a web page, ask on a fan-based forum desiring to receive some replies – Well, then by golly the doors should eventually open up for you! :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Happy Happy & Merry Merry! :smiley:

Thanks Ill try contacting someone who plays the song not sure of the origonal artist XD Oh well I’ll keep trying!

Merry Christmas!!!