My Story (very short version)


After lurking about here for a few days (or is it weeks :o ) it’s time I introduced myself.
My name is Claes and I’m a soon-to-be Harp-player from Sweden.
I’m already Harp-mad since my first attempt to learn about ten years ago. That time I read A LOT, and ended up with lots of theoretical knowledge but couldn’t play :-[ before I finally gave up.
Now I’m at it again this time with a more relaxed middle aged attitude. goon are the if-I-don’t-learn-this-fast-enough-I’ll-give-up
I already have come further down the road in a few weeks then before. So I’ll guess patience IS a virtue (maybe a tiny bit of practice to :wink: )

/ Claes

Hey, Claes! I have family in Sweden! I’m usually there once a year, but I didn’t go this year. I’m from Norway. Where in Sweden do you live?

Morning to you too Claes!

Love the Dilbert character pic! :slight_smile:

As Whiskat (formerly known as God) <<<longer story than your short one, hehehe>>>

And others will tell you, welcome aboard, don’t be a stranger, if you don’t find what you’re looking for through all these great posts and topic threads -

Well don’t be afraid to ask!

And feel free to jump into the conversation anytime! :wink:


Keep on Harpin’!

I’m currently living in a small town called Trollhattan, about 80 km north of Gothemburg( Gotborg). I’ve left out all the dots and circles we use in the letters here, since this will probably mess things up in the forum.
Since I don’t know what you want it’s better if you ask, and don’t be shy… I’ll answer anything… almost…
Anyway, I’ll play an old Hering Black Blues that I’d inherited from myself
I’ve just managed to do a bend (I think).
And I wear shoe size 42 (9 1/5), anything else?

And I wear shoe size 42 (9 1/5), anything else?

What, no boot size?! :o

Or is that TMI <<>>

incredibly funny!

you’ve got a great sense of humor, claes!


keep on harpin’!

Too bad you live all they over in Göteborg, when I’m in Sweden I’m usually in the Värmland area. If you were closer we could have hooked up sometime and done some playing :slight_smile:

You know with the global community and all the time zones. Seems like to me that
you could wake up in the middle of the night no matter where you live and click on
the forum and find some one there to chat Harp with…Pretty cool !! ;D

Harp on!!

That’s what’s so great about the internet, there’s always somebody there at four AM in the morning to listen your problems :stuck_out_tongue:

time was when i’d be in those chatrooms after a night of drinking and just as the sun would be rising here in the states, the im’s from east indian dudes would start rolling in:

“hey joo, want to b my friend, pleeze talk to me!”

i answered the very first one because i wasn’t sure…

then after getting hit upon and him not taking the hint i’m a dude too, and no means no, i learned how to use the delete/block button fast!

ah, yes, the good ol days - not!


Hey, if you’ll look at harp Surgery, you will see a globe that shows where your at and others that are on line at the same time. Can you computer guru’s do something like that? Just wondering.

Wow! That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen all day (and night!) 8)