N00b Needs Help

Hey all,
I just started playing a couple weeks ago to preserve my sanity, and I reeeeeeaaaaaaallllyyyy want to learn how to play the intro part of this song:

Beachwood Sparks - By Your Side

For this I believe I need a harmonica in E, but not sure. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated.
thanks! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! You will need to be familiar with your harp and playing some tunes like :Mary Had a Little Lamb, O When the Saints, Etc.
I didn’t hear any bending in the intro so you may get away with not having to learn that first.
Next see if your video player is able to slow down the video so it plays slower. You will have to listen to what he is playing, pick it out on your harp and write down what your playing, it will help you remember.
We will help all we can. Be specific with your questions so we can give you a direct answer.
I started really learning harp a few years back to keep my sanity too. Wife is not to sure it has worked. Now I am Harp Crazy! LOL

Well so far I only know Piano Man, and it’s gotten me decently acquainted with my C harp. The E harp I bought just so I could be able to play this tune, however, I am not familiar with at all.
Not having to bend would be a relief (though it doesn’t seem THAT hard so far), but I still can’t find an exact match between any note I can produce and any note in the song. Not sure how to slow it down but I have listened to it a million times and can slow it down in my head at least. I’ma keep on messin around with it but so far my efforts have been futile -___-
Ahaha oh the irony

Maybe this may help. http://harptabs.com/song.php?ID=25
This is a wonderful website worth bookmarking! So is www.harpinanawhinin.com

On my computer I right click on the video, choose (Enhancements), then choose (play speed settings). I hope this helps!