Natural A minor

Hi everyone! I just wondered if anyone know some songs I can play with a A minor harmonica? I’ve just bought one, and played some with it, but It would have been great to learn some real song and not just out of improvisation. :slight_smile:
I’ve checked out the Gypsy harmonica thing, and it sounds really cool, but I won’t spend any money at that now at this moment…
So if anyone has something they will share - it would have been great! :slight_smile:

Check out Summertime. I love Janis Joplins version of it, but a lot of people have played this so you should check out all the various variations.

It goes in minor, but Janis Joplin sings it in G so you can’t play along with that track.

Man I want one of those! checks coffee can Nope…got a bit of time before I can get it. What brand did you get?

I bought a Lee Oscar -
I have played some with it and it is great! Though I’m just playing single notes and so on - but it’s cool :slight_smile: I’m more comfortable playing chords with a C - Harmonica but maybe I will be so with this also after a while…
But if anyone have any recommandations - come with them! Thank you Whiskat for your answer - I will check that out right away :slight_smile:

Lot of thanks for your post.Thank you Whiskat for your answer - I will check that out right away Smiley

Just know that there are differences in the Lee Oskar “Natural Minors” and “Harmonic Minors.”

JP’s Gypsy music lessons are on the Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor in A.

Although as of late having become a bigger fan of the LO Majors, I have yet to acquire any of the Natural Minors (on my to-get list! hehehehe!) but LO’s site can better explain the various types here:


“Have Harp, Will Travel!” 8)

You can play Am on a G harp in 3rd position. Start on the 4 draw (I) 6 blow (IV) & 6 draw (V). You can do pretty much the same as a Minor harp will. Chords may be better on a Minor harp. I have an Am & Em Lee Oskar Natural Minor, but I use a G for Am and a D or LoD for Em more often. Sometimes I will use both playing chords at first on the Natural Minor then changing later to play more single notes in 3rd position.

Also remember that Lee Oskar keys their Harmonic Minor harps in 1st position like a standard Major harp is keyed but the Natural Minor and Melody Maker harps are keyed in 2nd Position so you’ll have to transpose the key to get the actual 1st position key.
To get the same basic key of an Am Harmonic minor harp you’d have to get the Em Natural minor harp so that both would start on the key of A. The minor part is the difference in which notes they make minor.
I know, it gets a bit confusing, I"m still trying to really figure it out. LOL