Need help 2nd position

I need to learn more about olaying in second position. On my c harp if i start on or around the g at the 6 blow everything is too high. If i tey to play in the lower octave i run into the 2** and the 3** which i am working on but am not good at yet.
Someone please help with either videos or just plain advice


Hi Paul @Paulkane777

If you wish to play a blues in G with your C harp then you do not necessarily need the -3’’ – what is mostly used is the -3’ which is perhaps somewhat easier. The -2" can often also be exchanged for the +2 – although that really depends on the song and the feeling that you wish to evoke.

The use of cello drones can help you to hear when your bends are correct (cello drone in F for the -2", cello drone in A for the -3" and cello drone in Bb for the -3’). YouTube has cello drones in all 12 tones.

Don’t rush yourself – have fun and relax. Everyone has trouble hitting the -3 bends accurately and many professionals use -3 bends in their warm-ups simply because they are not so easy. Not necessarily encouraging, but I think you need to resign yourself to a life-long task when it comes to -3 bends.

Best regards,
– Slim :sunglasses:


Yeah, what @slim said is gold. Also check out this:

Everybody struggles with high notes, ESPECIALLY at the beginning.:ok_hand:t3: -7, -8 are the most frequent ones that REALLY trip people up, but anything above 6 can prove problematic!

Remember to be patient with yourself. This may take some time…

These are the tips for a getting good clean high notes.

1.) Let gravity lower your jaw so that it’s totally relaxed and in a nice “aw” vowel shape, your teeth should be far apart from each other

2.) Keep the back of your tongue down, like it is when you yawn. Make sure it’s not in the “Kk” zone (how your tongue is when you say a “Kk” consonant.)

3.) Nice steady, GENTLE, airflow. Most beginners (and many intermediate and advanced players) use WAY to much pressure.

Hope that helps! :sunglasses: