Need some help

Anyone know what key harmonica this guy is using in this video.
Tim McGraw - Southern Voice (Official video)

Harp On!!

Being that it’s a country song, the first harp I picked up was my Lee Oskar D.

Seemed to make a good fit, if not perfect match.

Unless I’m really in err here, I’ll have to go with a D harp.

Hope this helps!

Rock on, yo!

Ya it sounds right thanks SPD…D in 2nd position…

Harp On!!

Actually, it’s a D harp with A in 2nd position.

For anyone who wishes to test this out:

Pick up your A harp and chug along in 1st position with the guitar. (Along the middle to high registers.) Just sounds okay.

Then pick up your D harp and chug along in 2nd position with the harmonica. (Along the lower register.) Sounds much better.

Hence, here, the harmonica is playing the D harp in the 2nd position of A where the guitar is playing A too! (Where a lot of country songs are played as well!)

Got all that?! :wink:


Keep On Harpin’!

Good Stuff thanks SPD, ;D

That’s an awesome song. It’s in my harmonica playlist on my mp3 player

It is a darn good song!