Needing advice on starter harmonica

Hello players!

I’m going overseas, and would like to begin learning harmonica while I’m out there.

I play the trumpet, so I know basic theory, but won’t be able to bring her with me.

I’m looking for a harmonica that I can learn how to play on as a beginner, and then continue playing for a few years before I have to purchase a new one.

any advice out there on what key to start with? what brand?

thanks everyone!

get you a special 20 hohner no more than $40 and everyone says start with the key of C i have just started out and i love mine

Hohner Special 20 can’t be beat. Lee Oskar ans Suzuki have great harps too. I wouldn’t start with anything that costs less than $25, they are pretty much in the toy range and hard to learn to bend on.
95% of lessons are taught in the key of C. If you are going straight into blues playing/learning A or Bb may be better. I suggest picking out a method/program you want to learn to play with and see what it requires and go from there.
If you have time, check the prices on eBay for new harps. I believe you can get a Special 20 around $27.

The Hohner Special 20 is definetly the one you should get. If you’re looking for one that’s a little cheaper, the Hohner Blues Band is also good.

Don’t listen to Mr. Bunyn. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
I’m just joking of course. I have SP 20’s, and they are good instruments.
I like my Golden Melody’s better though. As I’ve mentioned on other threads,
my GM’s are the old models. Have any of you had much experience with the
new model GM’s? Do they play as easily as the old ones? Mine give off a more
resonant tone than my SP 20’s and play and bend with ease. Of course everyone
might have a different experience even with the very same instrument.
What do you think paulbunyn1? Do the GM’s of today hold up to the SP 20’s?
I also have to say that my LO’s bend on the top notes best (8, 9, 10).
They aren’t as comfortable to play though.