Just thinking about 9 years ago today. Praying for everyone grieving a loss of a loved one that day.

"THE DAY " Life changed in America. :’(

Big thank you to all our hero’s!!!

Dude! I just woke up thinking the very same thing! Was going to post about it; glad you started it!

Me, I was in North Carolina near Greensboro.

Running all night to get there, I turned my 10AM delivery appointment into a 5AM one.

Called my dispatcher Eddie and he was delighted; he already had something lined up for me. Only a few blocks away, knowing I was tired, Eddie said I could back it up to the dock and go to bed.

Got to the shipper’s dock, and they said go to bed driver, we’ll wake you when it’s ready. Good deal!

I slept til noon. I heard nothing, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. 2 PM, still nothing. More sleep. Finally, by 4:30, I had to get up and find out what was going on with my load.

Walked into the warehouse and asked a forklift guy what’s going on with my load?!

He said: “Haven’t you heard?”

“Heard what? I just woke up. What my load’s been cancelled?”

“No, man, the United States is under attack! The World Trade Center builidngs in New York City are gone - Blown up and gone!”

G’wan, get out of here, you’re bullshitting me, right?

“No driver, it’s real! It’s all over the news, we only have a radio here, but people have been calling everywhere all day trying to find out what’s going on.”

I called Eddie and he said it was true. He said get loaded and bring everything back to the yard in Northeastern PA as soon as possible. “Get yourself home, we and everybody are all going into lockdown until we find out what’s going on. Be safe out there!”

I called home to see if my mom was okay. She was, but she wondered where I was too. I told her I’d be home by tomorrow morning. She said okay, be safe out there!

I soon got loaded. Highways were a mess. CBs were unusually quite. I listened to NPR Radio and went along my country road shortcuts to get back to PA.

When I finally saw these attacks on TV, it was surreal, unbelievable. It took our company a whole week to get rolling again.

Shortly thereafter, I was sent to New Jersey near the East River, across from Ground Zero. My girlfriend at the time wanted to go. We watched in dismay and yes stunning disbelief as the smoke plumes were still rising. She stood alongside the river that day and cried.

Getting back into the truck heading home, I said: “The United States lands a man on the moon, and the world cheers for us! The United States now gets attacked like this and the world’s in tears with us! God Bless The USA - God Bless The World, One and All!”

Anybody else care to share where they were nine years ago on Septembe 11, 2001?

Please do!

[u]God Bless The USA - God Bless The World, One and All!

Sad, sad day :-\

RIP to all those poor, poor people who were taken from this earth in the Twin Towers, and condolences to their relatives

Yup this is one of those days we’ll all remember where we were when we heard, Kind of like when John Lennon got
shot or JFK (jfk little before my time).

I was on my route Making my regular visits to the garages and the boat yards around me and pulled into a stop
no one around, couldn’t find anyone but the doors were all open. Couldn’t find 1 mechanic to sell tools to.

So got back into my Snap-on Van and headed to my next stop and walking up notice the bays were empty and
all the mechanics were in the office. Sure enough walked in and it was on the TV, The TWIN TOWERS in shambles,
I asked them what the name of the movie they were watching and they proceeded to explain what was going on.

I spent an hour staring at that tv, called my wife made sure she was ok.

Then i just came home waited for my kids to get home from school.

Trying to figure out how to explain that to them.

Never forget!!

Wow Joe!

This one sole event affected the personal, national, international, global psyche all at once!

Remeber thinking not even Sadam Hussein was that freaking crazy to do something like this. Yet somebody, a group of somebodys was/were!

Yes, the world as it was changed in one whole day!

I remember watching David Letterman who single-handedly decided we have to go on regardless - “Don’t let the bastards win!” battlecry as it were.

And Saturday Night Live’s show with NYC Mayor Rudy Guillani. Him saying it was time to bring entertaiment and humor back to America; somebody jibbing in: “Gee, mayor, we’ve never done that kind of thing here before, so why start now!”

Yeah, we laugh, we cry, we laugh, we cry, we laugh…as always we go on!

Speaking of movies and stuff. Didja know they had to redo the “Spiderman” movie because he was seen zooming in and out through the Twin Towers?

And then TV got into it as well: They changed the opening of all “Law & Orders” because the TTs were prominently seen in them.

I still manage to catch the TTs in openers of “Sienfeld” reruns; and probably the most famous of all openings was good old “Barney Miller” with their beautiful rolling panoramic view right on the river, which I think can still be seen on

Again: Peace & God Bless!

I remember watching David Letterman who single-handedly decided we have to go on regardless - "Don't let the bastards win!" battlecry as it were.

I didn’t remember that so I found it on youtube here it is for anyone to watch less we forget!!

David Letterman - Reflections after 9/11 Sep 17 2001

From an Aussies perspective we grieve for your losses. Personally I remember every minute of 9/11. My wife and I were flying overseas leaving very early the next morning so we went to bed really early. We were fast asleep when at ca 10pm our son phoned us and said get up and put the TV on. We did and it was all unfolding before our eyes. We had no sleep that night & at the airport the mood was sombre with everyone in a daze of disbelief.

Starting off with the 9/11 disaster our holiday became the holiday from hell! Two days into our 3 weeks vacation the airline ‘Ansett’ went into liquidation and stopped operating. All our air tickets, pre paid ground transport and accommodation vouchers were from Ansett so we were stranded. There were massive queues of Aussies at the Qantas & other airline offices desperately trying to get home. We were fortunate as our Son was a Platinum member with Quantas and he was able to secure us flights. Our Insurance of course covered it all but our holiday was ruined. It pales into insignificance compared to 9/11 but the memories are intertwined.