New and would like some good advice

Hi to everyone, great forum, I’m glad to be here and chat to others new and old. I’ve just started playing Harmonica in the last week, And realize there’s more to just blowing air. It’s a real skill, one that I would like to make bigger and keep up. I’m using my granddads old Bandmaster, its a D.R.W.Z made in Germany, so its an antique over 50 years old or more, In the Key Of G 12 hole. But I would like to buy a 10 hole key of C so if anyone can give me some good makes. :slight_smile:

My preference is the Special 20. There is also the Bluesmaster & Folkmaster that are good starter harps that will do what you need them to do and should last you several years. There are more, lots more, but these are the ones I have tried and can recommend. The Marine Band is a great sounding harp that will last a while but has exposed reed plates that are sharp on beginner lips and it has a wood comb that swells and is like running a cheese grater across your lips. Beginners always have a problem with excessive spit in the beginning that causes the wood to swell. I suggest you pick a harp with a plastic comb to learn on. It is easier on the lips and easier to clean.

Hi Paul thanks for your reply. Ive already noticed this one is swelling. But the sound is very good even those its old. I do have an ear for music but never really bothered to play for real. Wind instruments has always been a natural for me. Thanks for recommending me some harps.


I would love to hear about this Bandmaster. I can tell you anything you might want to know about it. If you ever think of trading it, I will trade you a new harp for it. If you ever want it restored, I can restore it. If you ever want it repaired, I can repair it. I have the parts. Old harmonicas are not very valuable, but if yours is what I think it is, they are hard to find and I love them.
I would like to see a pic if possible, describe it as best you can if you can’t. Does it say “Germany” or “Democratic Republic of Germany?” The ones from the DDR usually aren’t very good.
My guess is that it says “Germany,” because I don’t remember them using the DRWZ during the DDR period. If it does say “Germany,” it’s older than you think. It would be from the 1930s at the latest.
The company I recommend is the same one who made that Bandmaster, Seydel.

No need to steer away from wood. All wood combs are sealed against moisture, except for the Marine Band.

Hi Dave thanks for the offer for a new Harp, but as its a family air loom Im sure my great grand father would what me to keep it and be very happy for me to learn to play. I think your right in saying its very old, maybe as old as 80 years ? Ive taken some picture and Ive posted for you to see.

The Band Master De Luxe… name on the boxs which is red.

D.R.W.Z No 33050 Made in Germany.

REG TRADE MARKS No 3289 the next number is funny as it looks like a back to front 6 or it could be & but it looks more like a backwards 6 … then the rest of the numbers are 58 703887

Ummm not sure how to insert Image But I can send by email if that’s OK with you.

Check this one out for me…? what do you think. Is this a good one that will give me the same sound as mine. ?
Seydel 1847 Classic Diatonic Harmonica (16201)

I’ve played and sold those since they day they came out. It’s a great instrument.