New Banner

I’d like to say that while the model on the new banner is attractive she should be admonished for not using the deep relaxed embouchure.

Oh…took me a bit to find what you were talking about…Hehehe!

She does have long fingers at that also.

But her Bohemian look and in black & white is pretty cool too, I must say! :wink:

I like the new banner.

Looks like Rebekah is the new banner girl this go round! ::slight_smile: :-*
Just a Sample of the 12 Rebeka Video Lessons
Rebekah and JP Allen Folk Harmonica Lesson

And she’s using the Deep Relaxed Embouchure too! :wink: ;D

Nice catch, J~J! ::slight_smile: :wink:

Having her in the video is just distracting. ;D

LOL! gregmatic! ;D


Aww G-Man…gotta admit Rebekah is ez on the eyes… :slight_smile:

For me, on the youtube vids and dvd set, it’s the chickens and roosters in the background…I never know if they’re bending or straight cock-a-doodling! :stuck_out_tongue: