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Holla everyone, am really new in this so i wanted to have some help and looking for guidance, am a french citizen living in Cairo, Egypt - i just followed my instinct that told me go buy a harmonica :smiley:

attached are the images of my instrument (couldnt attach the images cuz too large :frowning: )- i just noticed that some are 10 holes…some are 24 …etc mine is 15T starts with an F chord from one side and the other begins with C.

Kindly advice me with which is better, whats the difference and most of all how i can start to be a harmonica player :slight_smile:



There is a great page where you can find information about which harmonica to choose.

I have the Hohner Special 20 in the key of C. It is very comfortable to play. I also have the Hohner Marine Band in C which has a fantastic sound.

Also, the best way to start to be a harmonica player is to sign up with JP’s harmonica lessons. Just click on the banner at the top of this page :slight_smile:

I’ve just gone through the first eleven lessons and am having a lot of fun.

Thanks Danny ‘’,
its so fun get to know fellow harpers ;D

but the JP play plan and the whole 247$ thing is too much for me, also as a beginner…ithink i’ll find sum1 here in my country to start learn with him and maybe later ill be able to purchase that offer

thanks anyway
Namaste my friend

Yes, the lessons can be a bit expensive. There are many resources on youtube that are free and can get you started as a beginner.

From what I read, you will need a 10 hole diatonic hamonica. The description you give of your harmonica it sounds like it has 15 holes, which can be hard to learn to play. Most start with the 10 hole harmonica. Unless your teacher is using the 15 hole and wants you to learn on that :slight_smile:

Have fun and keep us update on your learning journey! 8)

Here is a link to free online lesson on the 10 hole harmonica. It’s great to get you started :slight_smile: